Feature presentation of a movie about victims of a terrorist attack at Delfinarium.

A feature presentation of a movie dedicated to the memory of the victims of the terrorist attack near the Tel Aviv Delfinarium took place in Rishon le Zion.

On July 17, in «Mofet» auditorium of Rishon le Zion, a premiere of a feature film by Nika Armani, «The Stolen Wish» — made in the memory of the victims of the terrorist attack near the Tel Aviv Delfinarium on June 1, 2001 — was screened.  Film’s presentation was held under the auspices of the Chairman of the Knesset Immigration and Absorption Committee, Knesset member from the party «Yesh Atid» Konstantin (Yoel) Razvozov, who took an active part in organizing the event.

«It is a great honor for me to be here today, together with you.  Having received the invitation, I contemplated for a long time the words with which to express the pain of the loss that lives within us from that day on.  For us, the Israelis, the Delfinarium will forever remain in our memory as a synonym of awful tragedy and unending pain,» — those were the opening words of Konstantin Razvozov on the evening of the presentation.  In his speech the Knesset member paid respect to each of the dead by reading their names out laud.  Upon this, memorial candles were lit on the stage and all present stood during the announcement of the names of the dead.

The movie is based on real events: a terrorist attack in Delfinarium in 2001 in Tel Aviv.  It is a feature project, created by a team of enthusiasts, who made it using their personal funds.

«To shoot a movie out of the blue — without money and equipment — was a complete madness!  Yet this movie lived inside of me,  the pictures and replicas were alive and brighter than reality…», — said in her speech the movie director and screenwriter, Nika Armani.  «Not only famous, but also inexperienced actors were involved to participate and to play themselves: young men and women with their own problems and joys that have the ability to dream.  They play those that dance and rejoice knowing that their whole life lies ahead of them.  It is a movie about those whose life was interrupted without ever having started, those that will never stop dancing.

This movie is about wishes coming true, even if it’s at the expense of life.»

«I would like to thank our entire crew, all of the actors and musicians, who worked without pay, on enthusiasm alone, and who put their soul into this film!  And I’m asking you not to judge us too harshly!  The movie could have been better.  Yet we succeeded in expressing through it our thought and our pain!  Despite the tragic ending, it calls upon us to live and be happy, to be together and to approach light.  It is about love and will.  It is about the fact that life goes on.»

An article by journalist Marina Yablochnik

Each of us ponders which destiny awaits him, which fate is intended for his children. And, what, namely, is the meaning of fate? Does it happen to be something programmed and written in stone?

On the 1st of June, 2001, at 23:45 (Israel time) a suicide bomber representing «Palestinian Islamist Jihad», Said Hutori, age 22, resident of Qalqiliya, committed a terrorist attack by blowing himself up in the midst of a crowd at the entrance to the night club «Dolfi» on Tel-Aviv’s seafront. 21 people dead and 120 with injuries of varying severity. The age of the dead — from 14 to 32.

Was the fate of the dead on this day to arrive to the night club and be murdered? Was that the purpose of young people just beginning to choose their path in life?

There are no answers to these questions.

There are just facts, proving only that one person is capable of destroying dozens of lives. There’s as well the fact that he chose this destiny on his own, and through this, changed the fates not only of those who died, but also of those who survived. His purpose in life was to destroy at its root the purpose of these young people, who could have changed in their life the fates of others, and possibly, the fate of their country, by realizing their ordinary everyday plans.

The question is, how fair or not, the fate disposed of these lives. Indeed, many weren’t at the club thanks to a mere accident. Similarly, among the dead were those who, perhaps, found themselves at the spot against their will.

How to perceive this situation?

The question is rhetoric. For those who lost their close ones in this horrible tragedy the memory of this day will never be erased. Similarly, those to whom the fate turned its brighter side should not forget decades later about what happened.

That is exactly why the purpose of the survivors is to remember and to remind others about it.

That is why those for whom it still hurts will not stop talking about the pain.

That is why those who care do their utmost so that others also become indifferent.

That is why those who sympathize want others to sympathize as well.

That is why books and articles are written, and movies are made.

That is why, following these examples, a filming of «The Stolen Wish» is taking place right now in Israel, with a plot based on real life stories.

Director and film producer Nika Armani, has gathered a group of people indifferent to this event.

Professionals, and also talented and ambitious individuals have gathered absolutely without pay for the making of this movie, so as to once more remind about the tragedy that took place, and that this could have happened to anyone, as well as to ask from fate that this wouldn’t keep


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Новый трейлер (2012) к фильму Ники Армани «Украденное желание»

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Траурная церемония в память о погибших в теракте

Траурная церемония в память о погибших в терактеVideo Lightbox by VideoLightBox.com v1.11

Фильм о фильме "Украденное желание"

Фильм о фильме Украденное желаниеVideo Lightbox by VideoLightBox.com v1.11

Трейлер к фильму "Украденное желание"

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Дольфи 10 лет.
Вечер памяти Ури Шахар (Uri Shahar)

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