Synopsis for the Film by Nika Armani

The Stolen Wish


The movie is based on real events: the act of terrorism in the Dolphinarium of 2001, in Tel Aviv.

It was an ordinary evening. No one expected or anticipated anything unusual, with one exception. A  teen  girl, who just turned eighteen, was experiencing a continuous headache.

As always, a group of close friends was having fun on a rooftop of an apartment building — dancing, drinking and entertaining each other with jokes. The night was filled with  falling stars and flying satellites  – a good enough reason to make a wish, which each one of them did.

The group of young friends on the rooftop began to disperse. A great event awaited them. They took their young and flourishing energy filled with life and headed to the dance club named  «Dolphinarium». It was very important to be there on time, before midnight, since the entrance was limited. However, none of the eight teenaged friends made it there, except one. She won’t get called in to work. She won’t  break her heel.

She won’t get talked out of going by her mother. Mysteriously, it seemed that nothing could stop her from arriving right on time, unlike her friends. Their trip there was filled with obstacles, which they were not able to overcome, thus saving their lives from a horrifying explosion at the entrance to the club.
Perhaps it was that wish she made on the roof  –  to remain forever young and beautiful…

Or it could be because the young suicide-bomber, hiding in the crowd of dancers, realized his wish as well …

There has not remained a single place on earth (Beslan, Moscow, Tel Aviv, New York, London …) where one would feel safe in the face of the senseless and ruthless murderer – the international terrorism.

Yet, this is not the only theme accented in the movie  –  otherwise it would be a documentary project.

This movie questions fatal turns, signs, and destiny riddles. The plot probes the intricate web of destinies that connects mankind and searches for the answer to how one man’s destiny affects the others.

The author investigated a large set of stories from the lives of those who became victims of terrorist attacks. This research lies at the basis of the film’s


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Новый трейлер (2012) к фильму Ники Армани «Украденное желание»

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Траурная церемония в память о погибших в теракте

Траурная церемония в память о погибших в терактеVideo Lightbox by VideoLightBox.com v1.11

Фильм о фильме "Украденное желание"

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Трейлер к фильму "Украденное желание"

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Дольфи 10 лет.
Вечер памяти Ури Шахар (Uri Shahar)

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